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Anonymous asked: Clarification on my previous ask where I said Israel was my favorite place out of all the places in Europe I went to. The only place I went to outside of Europe was Israel. I went to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Croatia. What I meant was that out of all the places I went to, Israel was my favorite. Never assume anything and start name calling. That sort of thing is what causes conflicts in the first place. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

i know that it was just some honest mistake no need to explain yourself either way. 

Anonymous asked: blaming hamas for firing rockets is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist. if it wasnt for israel's actions palestine wouldn't have acted this way, even before hamas palestinians were kicked out of their homes by israelis and by the israeli soldiers.

my most hateful sentence is just that. they are trying to kill innocent people (5 million Israelis targeted with rockets. they built something like 30 tunnels that go from Gaza to Israeli cities. one tunnel ends in a children home and luckily it was discovered before they could kidnap children. the terrorists that were found had guns and anesthesia and were on their way to kidnap people), they kill Palestinians too if they say no to them, a lot of Palestinians hate them and regret ever voting for them. they use donations money to build rockets instead of building something for their people good, they live a life of pleasure and richness while their people are suffering. Hamas is not a woman beating her rapist. Hamas is the rapist pulling off the hairs of the woman while trying to shut her up and taking her pants off. "we value death as much as you love life" is a sick motto and it’s theirs. 

We heard the director thought you were perfect for the role of Bucky because you seemed like a typical bad boy, kind of like James Dean. Are you?
Absolutely not! It’s an incredibly flattering, amazing thing, but no. I always see myself as, like, Paul Rudd. But I grew up watching those iconic figures and I want to emulate them, but I don’t usually think of myself that way. I really laugh at myself a lot.


"Hey, guys! It’s Ansel and I’m on the set of Insurgent."

Anonymous asked: I saw your post and there was no Israel during the holocaust? It belonged to the Palestians, they owned all of it and what history doesn't tell you is that when the Spanish kicked the Jews out, Palestine rescued them and took them in. They were good

i didn’t mean that there was israel during the holocaust. i meant that it was the place they prayed for. Zion. and i never said they weren’t good. 

Anonymous asked: hello! :) do you have a link for where i could watch divergent in a good quality?

i don’t have a streaming link sorry /:

Anonymous asked: what do you think about rabbis and orthodox jews protesting your zionest state? i saw some today in london and they were the loudest people there

that it’s their right to do what they want…

Anonymous asked: Israel isnt in Europe you fucking twat

i know that haha the anon made a mistake but it’s no reason to call anyone a twat…